1. Big Casino (acoustic Jimmy Eat World cover)
    Hot Mulligan

  2. Calls (digital single)

  3. FREE! SYG Sampler 2013

  4. Dead Red Eyes (Digital Single)
    The Most Dangerous Animal

  5. The Rapscallion (SYG-001)
    Nick Ciolino

  6. Whack Yer Brain (SYG-002)

  7. James St. (SYG-003)
    The Standouts

  8. Too Late (SYG-004)
    South Bay Bessie

  9. Deer Widow (SYG-005)
    Deer Widow

  10. This is a Tribute to The Replacements (SYG-006)

  11. A Minds Way Away (SYG-007)
    Hung Up

  12. The Get Up Kids Tribute (SYG-008)

  13. Tree/Forts (SYG-009)
    The Hand in the Ocean

  14. Future/Forever (SYG-010)

  15. Split 7" (SYG-011)
    Congress/Green Lights

  16. TV Dinner Vol. 1 (SYG-012)

  17. Breakfast (SYG-013)
    The Most Dangerous Animal

  18. Lobby Boxer (SYG-014)
    Lobby Boxer

  19. Time Heals All Wounds (SYG-015)
    The Most Dangerous Animal

  20. Hampshire (SYG-016)

  21. Major Head Injury (SYG-017)

  22. ATK (SYG-018)
    Hawk & Son

  23. Tramp (SYG-019)
    Brett Ayala Jones

  24. TV Dinner Vol. 2 (SYG-020)
    Lawnmower, Viewfinder, Totally Slow, Teaheads

  25. Fenton (SYG-021)
    Hot Mulligan

  26. What's The Score? (SYG-022)
    A Jawbreaker Tribute

  27. Honest & Cunning (SYG-023)
    Hot Mulligan

  28. Purge (SYG-024)
    Little American Champ

  29. Time Waits For No One (SYG-025)
    Mountain Club

  30. still life (SYG-026)

  31. Nothing New (SYG-027)
    Ordinary People

  32. Money (SYG-028)
    The Most Dangerous Animal

  33. Vacation Ending (SYG-029)
    Little American Champ

  34. TV Dinner Vol 3 (SYG-030)
    Kayak Jones, Hot Mulligan, Backpacks, The Tiny Ugly Germs

  35. SPLIT (SYG-031)
    Hot Mulligan & Everyone Leaves

  36. (SYG-033) Basement Punk
    Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms

  37. (SYG-034) Forest Green
    Forest Green

  38. (SYG-035) Dead Is Dead
    Forest Green

  39. (SYG-036) Strung Up
    Little American Champ

  40. Opportunities (SYG-037)
    Hot Mulligan

  41. San Pedro (SYG-038)
    Brett Ayala Jones

  42. A Comprehensive Guide To SYG (SYG-039)

  43. Swim E.P. (SYG-040)
    Small Stresses

  44. Bad Dream (SYG-041)

  45. 2 Songs (SYG-044)
    The Apology Tour


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