Major Head Injury (SYG​-​017)

by Lawnmower





released August 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Save Your Generation Records Detroit, Michigan

Independent multi-genre label from Michigan

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Track Name: Practical Skateboard
Figured out
a way to get around more practically
a way to get from point A to point B in a breeze
Now it's all downhill
but I lost my bearings so quickly
and my feet came out from under me

I guess I'm sorry

Born yesterday
I thought I had it all worked out
but I lost the plot forgot about the point
Now it sounds all wrong
it's always better in your memory
or near the end of interrupted dreams
Track Name: Stay Cool
Making friends with a faster crowd
and the illusions and impressions are new
Meet again a week later and see their blank smiles
cuz they don't have a clue
and they introduce themselves to you

Still waiting on someone to come through
and your faith in others was misplaced
No matter who's around
they'll always let you down
and that half-full glass was just a phase

It's the same as it ever was
I haven't seen any difference so far
Kids are playin' dress up like they're so unique
and my eyes are sore from rollin' so hard
It's a parade of haircuts and scars

Still waiting on someone to come through
and your faith in others was a mistake
No matter who's around
they'll always let you down
and that half-full glass was just a phase
Track Name: Tetherball
Flash! bright white
the ceiling's a wall
brain cracks hard
a firecracker in a jar
and I know I know but I don't know
all the things that I forgot

Let's stay in bed and pretend we're dead
Everything's fine living on borrowed time
And we're tempting fate while we wait and wait
But I don't mind if you don't mind

My faulty architecture's swayin' back and forth
I didn't know this was a contact sport
I'm just a tetherball on withering rope
tied to an abstract pole buried in an infinite hol
Track Name: Humorous Vitriol
Clench my teeth and bite my tongue
and yeah it hurts like hell
Is it irony or running away?
Spending so long
trying to be something you're not
A new name for a new day

And every word of those tattoos I never got
they said "This is what I believe"
and everyone's a cop and a criminal chasin' tails
How much fun can this really be?

Everybody's wrong all the time
The best drivers are liars
The best writers are thieves
Track Name: Needs
Got a list of things you want bored with what you got
empty pockets givin' ya fits
And they work you like a dog at your endless job
and whaddya have to show for it?

It looks so good yeah and I need it bad
Makes me feel like I could die
and I don't know why
So baby come on...

Well you heard the things they said but it's all in your head
and what'd they ever do for you?
Their gardens are full of weeds they're trying to tear down your needs
ya gotta stick to what is true

It looks so good yeah and I need it bad
Makes me feel like I could die
and I don't know why
When it all goes wrong I feel all right
So baby c'mon!
Track Name: Dinosaurs
A long time ago things were different
The world was flat, science was black magic,
and dinosaurs ruled the earth...
They had a hunt for the heretics
to burn them at the stake
the dinosaurs gathered up their books and their literature and their Elvis records
and they used them to stoke the flames
and the embers burned white hot

Yeah we had it much better back then
They gathered up the freaks and the weirdos
and they fed 'em to the dinosaurs
They shot The Emperor down
Something sad I saw on TV

And their jaws were open wide with the darkness in their eyes
never needing to attack waiting on their own time
and the people couldn't tell they'd fallen under their spell
so they walked into the mouths and said "I guess it's just as well
Track Name: Art Car At Burning Man
C# - E - C# - A/E - C# - F#/E - E
C# - Abm -
F# - Bbm - F# - C# - Abm
Track Name: Island Living
Did you ever feel like you were a half-thought up idea?
Like a problem with no answer or at least not one that's clear?
You try and try to make a little sense of anything
but you're better off knowing your part in the machine

Riding on your way to work and it's such a drag
Waiting in a line a waste of time you zig and zag
It's a system of broken parts and abandoned projects
brushed aside you wait to die with all that they forget

There's such a thing as too much of a good thing
Baby I think you know there's places I would rather go alone
but that's not fair and it just goes to show
It's not that I don't care, oh I don't know...

Did you take a ride and never look back?
Did you laugh when they told ya you were on the wrong track?
Well they never knew ya and they never cared a thing
about your own beliefs and ways of living
Track Name: Editor
I could use an editor I always miss the mark
Driving my point home way too hard
Anything to get a little closer to a clue
to figure out how to talk to you
And I have a habit of taking things too far

It's not that easy and it don't improve with age
to say what you need to say
I never learned to try to leave 'em wanting more
that always seemed like such a bore
And there's a price to pay for every extra word

There's better company to try to cure your blues
"The weather's fine, what's in the news?"
And I have a habit of taking things too hard
Track Name: Lawnmower
Covered tracks back home
You took up with the unknown
Bare walls in a rented space
a different place to spend different days

Resist or run away
Try to have it both ways
A million reasons to justify
the answer's already in your mind
Yeah you know, yeah you know
the way you're gonna go
Yeah you know, yeah you know
how it's gonna go

I was born in my bedroom
happy with nothing to do
and I grew up in the TV light
living fabricated lives
Make my plans in a treehouse
with my head up in the clouds
and every night die on the couch
and fade out

There's a hand in everything
and you can feel it pull the strings
You can hate it all you want
but it still goes on and on
Track Name: A New Constitution
Mass approval
a game of frauds
an empty promise til the next one comes along
Good impressions
games we'll never play
clean it up now before you drive 'em all away

We won't sing along
Those old lines are full of flaws
and ours was a crimeless bond
been forgotten for too long
We don't know that song
those modern laughs became a yawn
lost in a crowded mall
between the past and present law

Business kids
sellin' cool
an army of style but righteous are the few
Sell your idols
buy what you wanna be
a new constitution but the same old history
Track Name: Tragic Endings In Fiction
Let's raise a toast to forgotten ghosts
of a haunted history
Fell asleep in the graveyard
gave up my desire
I'm dreaming of fire and you

I didn't know and you didn't know
the way the tide was gonna go
A malady
you and me
but that's the way the story goes