1. FREE! SYG Sampler 2013

  2. Dead Red Eyes (Digital Single)
    The Most Dangerous Animal

  3. The Rapscallion (SYG-001)
    Nick Ciolino

  4. Whack Yer Brain (SYG-002)

  5. James St. (SYG-003)
    The Standouts

  6. Too Late (SYG-004)
    South Bay Bessie

  7. Deer Widow (SYG-005)
    Deer Widow

  8. This is a Tribute to The Replacements (SYG-006)

  9. A Minds Way Away (SYG-007)
    Hung Up

  10. The Get Up Kids Tribute (SYG-008)

  11. Tree/Forts (SYG-009)
    The Hand in the Ocean

  12. Future/Forever (SYG-010)

  13. Split 7" (SYG-011)
    Congress/Green Lights

  14. TV Dinner Vol. 1 (SYG-012)

  15. Breakfast (SYG-013)
    The Most Dangerous Animal

  16. Lobby Boxer (SYG-014)
    Lobby Boxer

  17. Time Heals All Wounds (SYG-015)
    The Most Dangerous Animal

  18. Hampshire (SYG-016)

  19. Major Head Injury (SYG-017)

  20. ATK (SYG-018)
    Hawk & Son

  21. Tramp (SYG-019)
    Brett Ayala Jones

  22. TV Dinner Vol. 2 (SYG-020)
    Lawnmower, Viewfinder, Totally Slow, Teaheads

  23. Fenton (SYG-021)
    Hot Mulligan

  24. What's The Score? (SYG-022)
    A Jawbreaker Tribute

  25. Honest & Cunning (SYG-023)
    Hot Mulligan

  26. Purge (SYG-024)
    Little American Champ

  27. Time Waits For No One (SYG-025)
    Mountain Club

  28. still life (SYG-026)

  29. Nothing New (SYG-027)
    Ordinary People

  30. Money (SYG-028)
    The Most Dangerous Animal

  31. Vacation Ending (SYG-029)
    Little American Champ

  32. TV Dinner Vol 3 (SYG-030)
    Kayak Jones, Hot Mulligan, Backpacks, The Tiny Ugly Germs

  33. SPLIT (SYG-031)
    Hot Mulligan & Everyone Leaves

  34. (SYG-033) Basement Punk
    Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms

  35. (SYG-034) Forest Green
    Forest Green

  36. (SYG-036) Strung Up
    Little American Champ

  37. Big Casino (acoustic Jimmy Eat World cover)
    Hot Mulligan

  38. Calls (digital single)


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